What are you Bringing Into the New Year?

Hello Friends,

In this time between Christmas and New Years I tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on the previous year, and how my annual intention was reflected in life, and what intention I might want to set for the upcoming year. I know many people set resolutions for the new year, and most of them barely make it out of January with those resolutions intact. I prefer to set an intention for the year.

For me, 2021 was the Year of Fulfillment. My therapist told me that I needed to find the things in life that recharge my batteries. That a quick 10 minute recharge to get me a couple of percent higher was better than trying to pour from an empty cup. Thus the intention of 2021 became “Fulfillment.” Reflecting on 2021 I would like to tell you that, in reality, it was the Year of Survival. My husband got a promotion and a transfer. So we sold the house that we brought our children home to, and moved 2 states away. However he also started this new job months before we were able to complete this, so packing, moving, cleaning, and child care all fell to me. We had temporary housing before we were able to purchase our new home, so we moved twice. Then the struggle of fitting in to a new community, new school, new therapists, everything new and different. So maybe 2021 wasn’t the easiest, and I was in survival mode for most of it, but there were moments of fulfilment. When I found myself overwhelmed I looked for that 10 minutes of fulfilment. Often that looked like a cup of coffee in one hand as I said good morning to my garden, admiring the fleeting beauty of the morning glories. Sometimes it looked like cooking myself a meal, even though it was more convenient to have frozen or fast foods. Some days it looked like taking my kids to the park for the day and letting go of the exhausting “to-do” list.

The year 2022 isn’t looking so swell either. My children are going to need someone to advocate relentlessly for them in the school system. My relationship with my husband has become strained as a result of last year’s separation and moves. I have some mystery health concerns that will be addressed in the new year. The voices in my head tell me that everything is going to be a fight. Fight for my kids needs, fight for my relationship, fight for my health and well being. The voices tell me that 2022 could be the year of battle, the year I fight. A year of grueling, exhausting, anger and frustration. Me alone, against the world. The voices are wrong, of course. As they so often are. What do I really want from the new year?

Well, the opposite of what the voices tell me. Not me alone against the world, but me, seeking connection to others. I want a renewed connection with my spouse. I want to connect, and work with the educators at my children’s school to provide the best environment for learning for them. I want to connect with doctors and therapists for myself and my family to allow us to have the best quality of life. I might even like to connect with some new, local friends; or a new local yoga community.

For me, 2022 will be the Year of Connection. Every time I step on to the mat, or close my eyes for a moment of meditation I can ask myself; how am I connecting to others, what connections do I want to make stronger, what connections are missing; so that when I step off the mat I have a renewed sense of direction in my daily struggles. Just like at the beginning of a yoga practice you are invited to set an intention, this January I invite you to set an intention for the year. Choose something that can be broad, that can apply to many facets of your life. Choose an intent that can help you work through the struggles of the upcoming year.

The light in me honors the light in you, and sees the connection between us.


Jessica Summers

blue mountain Yoga, Health and Wellness

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