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START YOGA!! Check out our beginners Yoga Series!


TUESDAYS 7:00 PM and add other classes below 


Bring your new yoga practice to life. Get comfortable on your mat by participating in our Beginner Series classes. IN ADDITION to the Tuesday 7:00 Intro To Yoga class, choose 1 or 2 of the below classes to get your practice started. 



9:00 Gentle Yoga

7:00 Intro/Foundations Of Yoga



9:00 Yoga Pilates 

7:00 Yoga For Back Health


Choose any of the classes above for 30 days UNLIMITED!


*** We ask that you attend the Tuesday Intro to Yoga class as your very First Class and attend it at least 3 times concurrently with others listed above 


Diane Ryland 423 488 3283

Owner blue mountain Yoga 

  • New Members Special

    Valid for one month
    • Unlimited Classes for 30 Days
    • New Members Only
    • Save up to 32% on your First Month!
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